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“Knowing Christ is the best thing that has ever happened to me, although winning the US Open was a pretty good second.”

Alison Nicholas

Kaka on sex

At a time when the sexual activities of several well-known sportspeople are in the news, it is refreshing to hear a different view. In December I had the opportunity to interview kaka for the Athletes in Action DVD, The prize chasing the dream. This is what he said:

"My wife and I were virgins when we married, following our spiritual and biblical values. People often look at us and think 'You poor things. You were brainwashed and you didn't know what you were doing'. I know very well what I did and what it represented in my personal life, my spiritual life, in my family life and in my marriage. I made a conscious choice because of the importance it has in the spiritual world. If I could give advice to any young person today, it would be that sex is a great blessing from God. What happened is that people made sex become trivial and that's not what it was meant to be. Sex is a great blessing from God for the pleasure of both husband and wife after marriage and it is not the trivial or casual thing it has become nowadays".

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