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"Lord, I don't ask that I should win, but please, please don't let me finish behind Akabusi."

Innocent Egbunike's prayer at the 1988 Olympics

Believing God

Abram believed God and God credited it to him as righteousness Genesis 15:6

What an amazing statement! The second half of the verse sounds a bit technical and theological. The CEV translation comes straight to the point: Abram believed the LORD, and the LORD was pleased with him. The Good News translation gives another insight: Abram put his trust in the LORD, and because of this the LORD was pleased with him and accepted him.

This is a very simple and fundamental thought. There are two types of people in the world – those who believe God and those who don’t. When Jesus was on earth he made outrageous claims, that he was God, that he was the way to God, that he was the truth. He polarized opinion. Some people believed him; others did not.

The basis of our relationship with God is belief. You know the old question, if God asked you, “why should I allow you into heaven?” what would you say. The only correct answer is because I believe in Jesus. Believing is fundamental but the Good News translation is helpful in using the phrase “put his trust”. It is not just a belief in your head; it is a belief that trusts.

When you are injured, can you trust God?
When the coach does not seem to like you, can you believe that God in it?
When you are on the bench or not selected for the major championship, can you believe God is still in control?
When it all goes wrong in the most important competition of the year, can you still believe God is in it?

I have a little card on my desk: “God said it. I believe it. That settles it!”

And remember the promise in the verse “and the LORD was pleased with him”.

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