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"I jump into a sand pit for a living"

Jonathan Edwards, World record triple-jumper


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Christianity and Leisure
Paul Heintzman, Glen E.VanAndel, and Thomas L. Visker, eds. Dordt, IO; Dordt College, 1994. ISBN: 0932914292

Gary Warner, Publisher: David C. Cook, Elgin, IL 1979 ISBN 0-89191-074-3

Sports outreach
Sports outreach, Principles and practice for successful sports ministry, Steve Connor, Christian Focus Publications, Tain, Scotland, 2003 (192 Pages - size A4) ISBN 1-85792-724-9

The Catholic ideal: exercise and sports
The Catholic ideal: exercise and sports, R Feeney, Aquinas Press 2006 (270 pages) ISBN 0-9622347-8-8

Fields of God (Football and the Kingdom of God)
Fields of God (Football and the Kingdom of God), Mark Roques, Authentic Lifestyle, Carlisle, 2003 ISBN 1-85078-506-6 (134 pages)

A Faith in Sports
A Faith in Sports: Athletes and Their Religion on and off the Field, Steve Hubbard Doubleday & Company, 1997 ISBN 0-385-47192-0 (214 pages)

If Christ came to the Olympics
If Christ came to the Olympics, William J Baker, UNSW Press, Sydney, 2000 ISBN 0 86840 579 5

Into the Stadium
Into the stadium - Bryan Mason ISBN 1-85078-502-3

Muscular Christianity - Ladd and Mathisen
Muscular Christianity, Tony Ladd and James Mathisen, Baker Books 1999 ISBN 0-010-5647-3

Physical education, sports, and wellness
Physical education, sports, and wellness: looking to God as we look at ourselves, J Byl, T Visker Editors, Dordt College Press, 1999. ISBN 0-932914-43-8 (336 pages)

Game day glory
Game Day glory by John and Cindy White ISBN 0-939320-07-X

All the good in sports
All the Good in sports, Mike Sandrolini, Regal Books, Ventura, California, 2007

The Sunday Sport question
The Sunday Sport question, Simon Jones, Jubilee Centre, Cambridge 1987

Football 2 Football Ministry3
Football 2 Football Ministry3, Mark Bythe, Verite CM, Worthing, 2008

Onward Christian Athletes
Turning Ballparks into pulpits and players into Preachers,Tom Krattenmaker. ROWMAN & Littlefield. 2009. 220 pages

To Who
Aaron Tredway, 2010. No publisher; No ISBN – self published. 112 pages

Beyond the Gold
Beyond the Gold, Bryan Mason, Milton Keynes, Authentic, 2011. ISBN 978-1-86024-811-5

Tom Roy, Winona Lake, BMH Books, 2010. ISBN: 978-0-88469-269-0

Love Game
Fritz Glaus with Mike Yorkey, Levita Media, 2012. ISBN: 978-1479124947

Taekwondo and Christianity
Christopher Hughes, Private publication 2013. Copies available free from Verite Sport

Playing for God
Annie Blazer, NEW YORK UNIVERSITY PRESS, 2015. ISBN 978-1-4798-1813-6

Communicating on the playing Field
Josef Solc, Xulon Press, 2009. Josef Solc, Xulon Press, 2009. ISBN 978-1-60791-763-2

The competitor’s book of prayer
Roger Lipe, Cross Training Publishing, 2015. ISBN978-1-938254-48-2

The saving of sports ministry
Greg Linville, Canton, OVP, 2020. ISBN 978-0-578-22976-8

Rugged discipleship
Steve Connor, Canton, Overwhelming Victory Press, 2020. ISBN 978-1-7345001-0-3

Power to Win
Alex Dias Ribeiro, Sao Paulo, Atletas de Cristo, 2016

In God’s grip
Carl Dambman, Bloomington, Westbow Press, 2022. ISBN978-1-6642-7335-1

The Christian Athlete
Brian Smith, Colorado Springs, David C Cook, 2022. ISBN 978-0-8307-8325-0

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